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Chief Editors Statement

The foundations of a free press


Since the dawn of times man wanted to communicate. First he hit his neighbour with a stone, five minutes later he made drawings on the walls of his cave or on stone tables and papyrus. Later he found ways to print text and now printing is not even necessary anymore to let the world know what thoughts are living between the ears.
This is basically good. people on earth, that's a lot of good ideas, a lot of  knowledge and wisdom. It's also a lot of repulsive stuff and bad intentions. But who are we to decide what's on either side of the line, if there is one ?

So whether you judge the contents of this publication and reject it, or just the opposite, it actually doesn't matter. All that counts are the intentions that are behind it. Intentions..... they lead us directly to this papers foundations. We have three basic rules. In case of doubt or dispute we will refer to these.

1. The contents of "The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday" are purely based on events in or directly related to Active Worlds. 

2. The sources of information will at all times be protected. 

3. "The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday" is intended for independant amusement only. 

What do these rules actually mean ? First, Active Worlds is our subject. But if our editors find it useful to report on events (Reunions,...) or on products (software that could be used in Active worlds, ...) they can do so. Reports that aren't in any way directly related to Active Worlds will not be published.
The second rule works both ways. The identity of our sources will never be revealed by "The Active Worlds Wach on Sunday". In fact as soon as our articles are typed in, we forget them. Other way around : even when our sources ask to be named we will not do so. The only place where a person can reveal his/her identity is in our reader's columns.
Last but traditionally not least, "The Active Worlds watch on Sunday" can not be held liable for any consequences of it's publications. We print what we hear whenever we think it can add to the fun level of Active Worlds. 

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