Brussels Belgium
22 - 25 July 1999
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What is an AW-Reunion ?


An AW-Reunion is an informal gathering of Active worlds users somewhere in the real world. In 1998 the first Reunion was organized in Las Vegas. In order to reach as much users as possible all around the globe, reunions will take place all over the world. These gatherings will be linked together via webcams, AW-clients etc.... 

Other reunions will be held simultaneously in N-America, Scandinavia, Australia..... 


Who plans to Attend ?
In order to be able to plan a few things, organize events and maybe negotiate prices, we would like to have an idea of how many are planning to attend the Brussels Reunion. That's why we ask you to send an e-mail to Simon Says.  By sending an e-mail you just express your intent. It's not a confirmation that gives us any rights to charge you with anything. We'll take care of that later, if necessary. 

Anyway, this is the list that costs us a lot of gallons.......

Status on March 6, 1999 : 24 have notified.

Queen Bee
Lady Raven
Betty B
Ephex Lobster
Lucky Luke
Simon Says


How do I Get There ?
Brussels can easily be reached by plane (airport about 14 kms from the Center), TGV, Thalys, Eurostar (Brussels has its full operational terminal close to the center) and by car (take a map or use a routeplanner). By boat or gondola it's possible too, but a bit more complicated (see your local boating agency for more instructions). Check out the Taxistop/Airstop site to try and find real cheap flights or transportation.
Maybe gives you some inspiration on how to get in Brussels on an empty wallet.

For more help and information on how to reach Brussels, you can mail me.


Where can I Sleep ?


Maybe you won't at all, but here's a list of hotels all located in the center in moderate priceclasses. If you're too impatient and want the best suites, you can always wake up your favourite search-engine and try "Brussels" and "hotels". Be careful to chose a hotel with zip-code "1000". You might find cheaper hotels with other zip-codes, but you'd pay the difference in Taxi fares(unless you come with your own car). I'm sorry to have to say that public transportation around Brussels ain't that "public friendly".

A selection of Hotels in random order : 

Hotel Opera
Hotel Chambord 
Hotel Aristote
Hotel Delta
Hotel Astrid
Hotel La Légende
Hotel du Congres
L'Auberge St-Michel
Hotel La Madeleine
Hotel Vendome
Hotel Ibis Grand Place
Hotel Queen Anne
Hotel St-Nicolas
Hotel Renaissance
Hotel George V

Maybe you're looking for low budget lodging? Here you'll find info on Hostels in Brussels and here too.


What's there to do ?
Most of it remains a secret just yet.  There will be at least one "big" event we'll organize. We'll try to have one location permanently  where a puter is running and where you can come to play in AW. 

The Big event:

Of course this event will be linked to the other reunion sites. This "Reunion Gala" (the working name,lol) will include some fine activities. Just be sure to be dressed in your best suit or dress and don't forget your best underwear.....  


Since you'll be in the country of beer and gastronomy, we'll go have dinner in some great restaurants for those who want and have drinks in the nicest, weirdest, trendiest cafés around.

Rest assured, you'll have plenty of time to discover Brussels and other places (Belgium isn't big enough to allow an american car to do a U-turn and thus it's easy to see a lot of places whitin a short period) on your own. We will provide you information if desired. Some might find Belgium is boring, we'll be glad to show you that Belgium has 10,000 variations on the boredom theme (I'm kidding there). 

Anyway, we can give you info and tips, but we won't take you by the hand all the time...... You're grown ups, right? Check out "What's there to see? "  if you plan to actually visit Brussels, the neighbourhood, the rest of Belgium or Europe. 

Please, e-mail me if there's something you really would like to see, to do..... We'll try to squeeze it in, or at least give you advice. 


What's there to see ?

Soon some links will be added here to give you an idea. Again a good search is worth a thousand €. And you can always ask.

Leuven (20 km from Brussels)

other places you might want to visit ( and which we're gonna link to soon) are Ghent(60km) , Bruges(75 km), Liège (85km) , Antwerp(40km), Ostend(95km), to name a few cities. You can always combine your trip to Brussels with one to Amsterdam (200km), Paris(350km, Thalys just over 2 hours), London(across the channel, but you can use the Eurostar train).
During the Reunion, the Brussels fair is held. 


How much does it Cost ?
That depends for the greater part on your own spending pattern. As soon as we have indications on fees (if there are any) we will let you know. One advice : while you stay in Brussels, pay with plastic. Then you can ask to pay in €. That might be easier to calculate.

We'll soon be listing common prices for goods you need to survive (beer, fries and cigarettes).


Contact and Registration information
Simon Says :

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